Acupuncture for Fertility

Fertility issues can be confusing and often difficult to overcome using traditional Western medicine in isolation. The stresses and emotions that can occur with multiple doctor’s visits and hormone treatments can hinder reproductive success. There is an alternative route to discover that may aid in a successful pregnancy and reduce the stress that surrounds the trials and tribulations of becoming pregnant – Acupuncture . Providing a safe and unique addition to traditional doctor’s visit and therapies, acupuncture may support the bodies overall enhancing hormonal activity and fertility.

The Acupuncture and Wellness Centre offers services that effectively combat infertility. It has been scientifically shown that acupuncture helps blood flow to reproductive organs, regulate hormone levels, reduce stress and reduce uterine motility. These far-reaching benefits of this ancient medicinal practice enhances fertility and can support the efficacy of traditional hormone therapy. Acupuncture in combination with clinical procedures such as IVF may augment the therapy in a positive way. Even the American Society of Reproductive Medicine has listed the healing properties of pricking as an assistant to fertility treatments. Scientists across the globe have studied these results and written positively about the healing properties of needle therapy in scientific journals.

Combating Infertility

Did you know that infertility has been treated with needle therapy for thousands of years, showing up in texts and ancient writings? Women throughout the ages have been aided by pricking the body to release hormones and stress.

Acupuncture therapy can form an integral part of your journey to a successful conception, in combination with doctors’ visits and various hormone therapies that may have been recommended by your clinician. Adding needle treatment to your team of medicines, shots, hormones, vitamins, diet and exercise is adding a scientifically proven effective treatment to help create a heightened sense of wellbeing within the body, developing a hormonal balance that supports successful conception. With modern science backing up thousands of years of proof, why not give needle therapy a chance to help with your infertility?

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