Chinese Medicine Tips for Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss can be difficult to attain, even if you cut calories and increase movement. Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that a spleen Qi deficiency plays a large role in weight retention and weight loss difficulties. This deficiency means that you may have a weak digestive system and that the food you eat is not easily absorbed, leaving you hungry. Being perpetually hungry promotes overeating and the cycle continues.

There are signs of spleen Qi deficiency which you should be aware of. Bloating, sugar cravings, bowel issues, sagging skin are all classic signs of a spleen deficiency. Other more serious conditions could be palpitations, dizziness, period problems and anxiety. If you are experiencing these symptoms you may benefit from some of our Chinese medicine solutions.

Acupressure and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Traditional Medicine teachings suggest that we avoid raw foods, coffee, chocolate and greasy foods. Limiting drinking to no more than twelve times a day and only drinking room temperature liquids. Also, eating until you are 80% full is a great way to lose weight. The Chinese clock suggests that eating your largest meal between eight and 11 am is the most effective time for digesting. Exercising for a half an hour a day is also recommended to lose weight and aid digestive issue. Ear acupuncture and acupressure can help restore balance. Another great way to lose weight is to simply make realistic goals and follow through with them. Not aiming too high and hurting yourself in the process can make your weight loss goals more attainable.

Avoiding raw foods, exercising regularly, acupressure, eating until you are 80% full and eating your largest meal between 8 and 11 am are all traditional Chinese medicine tactics that you can add to your western tactics to assist in losing weight and staying healthy. Ensuring you balance your diet with nutritional food choices is absolutely vital to your success. Taking a different approach on losing weight and being healthy can unlock unlimited potential in successfully achieving your goals.

Weight Loss with Acupuncture and Wellness Centre

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