Could you Have a Thyroid Issue?

Are you feeling tired with low motivation? Your lack of energy and wellness may be due to a thyroid disorder or thyroid disease. Disease of the thyroid includes hypothyroidism which presents as a low acting thyroid, while hyperthyroidism is a high acting, overactive thyroid. Both sides of the thyroid road can lead to symptoms that are difficult to manage, but may be eased and managed through the practice of Chinese medicine.

Anxiety, chronic fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, lethargy, low libido and weight gain are just some of the uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms of a thyroid imbalance. Hypothyroidism can be caused because of a genetic disposition, working too hard and living an excessive lifestyle, illnesses, digestive issues and an overuse of stimulants. Although many of us are guilty of eating too much sugar, drinking too much coffee and working long hours, we may also have been dealt some unfair cards with our genetics. For many individuals, a constant barrage of illnesses throughout their lives may contribute to a thyroid imbalance.

Hashimoto’s Disease
Hashimoto’s is a disease where your immune system attacks your thyroid. Unfortunately, Hashimoto’s is the most common reason for hypothyroidism in the United States, Australia and many western countries, especially in middle aged women. Chinese medicine can help even in the cases where we have been dealt a genetic disposition to the disease.

How to Treat with Acupuncture Treatment
The acupuncturist will be looking to decongest the liver and drain any dampness in the body. Strengthening kidney and spleen yin and yang are the next focus after the liver and dampness in the body is addressed. In addition to these procedures, it is advised to not skip meals, avoid cold and raw foods, keep the body warm, get enough rest, exercise within your limits, eat iodine rich foods, and other foods that help the thyroid. Avoiding soy, gluten, sulfa drugs as well as fluoride and chlorine are recommended.

Whether you suffer from symptoms of an overactive thyroid or and under-active one, Chinese medicine can help alleviate these symptoms and bring your body back to a peaceful state. Call us today for your personal consultation on (03) 9857 7996.

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